The Moore Chamber of Commerce builds partnerships, strong businesses, and commitment to the community by serving as the leading business advocate in the Moore area, facilitating opportunity to more than 700 member businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership association that “Connects Business with Opportunity” through Facilitation, Advocacy, Credibility, and Education. This is the “FACE” of the Moore Chamber.


We create the opportunity for businesses and individuals to come together in unique and unforeseeable ways. The Moore Chamber has a diverse business community, and we take pride in facilitating connections and creating new opportunities.


The Chamber serves as an advocate for the businesses’ point of view. Through its Board of Directors, programs, committees, and task forces, the Chamber represents the collective voice of business through its membership. All its efforts are designed to advocate and support the economic and business interests of Moore and the surrounding area.


Increase your business’ credibility through your affiliation with the business and professional members of the Chamber. The Moore Chamber membership plaque lets customers and clients know that you are an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and vested in the growth of the community.


Small businesses employ half of the country’s workforce, create two of every three new jobs, and generate a majority of American innovations. The Chamber’s role is to increase the number of small business successes, and we strive to provide affordable educational opportunities for business skill enhancement and improvement of business environment.


Membership with the Moore Chamber will grant you access to opportunities and benefits that will strengthen your connection to the community while expanding your network and brand reach.


Learn about and attend events that fellow Chamber members are offering in the community.